Where To Stay

As you can imagine, Istanbul has millions of accommodation options. However, to make your stay easier, here are some recommendations for some hotels based on the location and wedding arrangements.

If you are only staying for a couple of days for the wedding our recommendation is below:

Doubletree by Hilton Moda

This is the hotel where we will be staying the weekend of the wedding.

The hotel is centrally located on the Asian Side, a 5 minutes walk away from the shopping areas & Kadikoy ferries which takes you to the old city. This way, you can avoid the traffic and enjoy a nice boat trip on the Bosphorus. The Hotel also has an amazing outdoor swimming pool on the top floor, where guests can enjoy the view and relax. There is also Turkish Hammam (Turkish Bath) and spa for some of you who might be interested :)

Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul Moda Website or Booking.com

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Photos of the Hilton Hotel Istanbul

Hotel Suadiye

The area (Bagdat Street) is one of the most popular areas in Istanbul for shopping, eating and going out. Everything is in walking distance. The hotel overlooks the sea and is close to the Bostanci ferry station. (The Old City is 30 mins by ferry). It is also close to the breakfast location for Saturday. Finally, it is really close to where Muge grew up :)

Hotel Suadiye - Booking.com or Hotel Suadiye.com

Marriott Hotel Istanbul Asia

5 star hotel, currently has cheap prices for advance bookings. The location is close to the shopping malls and you can take a short trip with the taxi to go to Bagdat Street for different restaurants and cafes. It takes 10 minutes with taxi to arrive to Kadikoy ferry station as well as to the breakfast location.
Marriot Istanbul - Booking.com or Marriott.co.uk

Alternative Hotel Locations - Asian Side

The following hotels are on the Asian side of Istanbul & conveniently located close to the wedding events.

The Suadiye Residence

It is an apartement rather than a hotel. They have two or three bedroom apartements. It is in the same location as Hotel Suadiye, however it might be a better choice for groups of people or families.
Suadiye Residence - Booking.com or Suadiye Residence.com

Alternative Hotel Locations - European Side

BUT if you are planning to use our wedding day as an excuse to visit and explore Istanbul on your own, it may be better to stay on the European side, close to the old city, where you can walk to the excursions and discover the city. You can always take a taxi to the wedding venue on Sunday.

As with all big cities there are areas which are not as nice as others or are remote or difficult to travel from.
We would recommend you to look in the following locations (shown like below in Booking.com). You can always ask us for advice if you have any questions..!

  • Sultanahmet - This is very close to the touristic areas but far away from the wedding reception
  • Ortakoy - This is a nice location by the sea but can be expensive
  • Galata/Beyoglu/Taksim - This is between Taksim and the Old City. A multi-cultural area and walking distance to the night life and the old city