Getting Around Istanbul

Istanbul is a very big city split across 2 continents.
However, getting around is very easy & there are lots of different options at varying prices.
Make use of local knowledge, either ask a local friend or at the hotel reception to plan your route before you go somewhere.

Sari Dolmus (Yellow Minibus)

These minivans travel along defined routes and can make commuting to the main destinations very easy. The drivers will wait until the minibus is full before starting the journey, however, due to the size of the city, you won't be waiting very long.

In Bostanci, there is a minibus stop, where you can get inside one to travel to the other side of Istanbul (Taksim) or to Kadikoy. It is a cheaper way of transport than the taxi but beware that many drivers may not speak English.


Taxis are another common form of transport around Istanbul. They are fairly cheap and will take you almost anywhere at any time (but sometimes they may choose a longer route). You can wave down a taxi in the street if you are in need. However, be aware that most Taxi drivers believe they have Schumacher-esque driving abilities and do not require any working seatbelts. If in doubt ask before you get in.

This website has a very useful taxi "Fare Calculator" so you have an idea how much a taxi ride should cost before you get in: - Fare Calculator


There are several types of ferries available across the Bosphorus.
You can take the standard ferries from Kadikoy Port to Besiktas, Karakoy or Eminonu. It takes approximately 30 minutes while you enjoy the trip on the terrace.
There is also a form of fast ferries (Catamaran) to different destinations (from Bostanci to Yenikapi near the old city) and even ferry taxis that run 24 hours a day from defined ports.

As with the four-wheeled transport, ask at your hotel or a local for advise about the best routes.