NEW VISA Requirements for Turkey

VISA Requirements:

For most EU countries you don't need a visa to enter Turkey, however there is a fee to pay before you pass passport control.

Afer 10th April 2014 you can no longer buy a VISA at the airport, you must apply for an "E-VISA" before you travel. You can find more information & the online application form at the link below.
Once bought, the VISA is valid for multiple trips for up to 90 days.

Getting to Istanbul

Flights - From London:

The best choice for our friends and family who are going to fly from London is to book the plane tickets with Pegasus Airlines.

The service is very good and the prices are very reasonable if you book well in advance. They fly from London Stansted twice a day, every day. Pegasus flies to the second airport in Istanbul. (Sabiha Gokcen Havalimani) We highly recommend to try to book your flights to this airport where you have the choice as it is less hectic.

There is also easyjet from London Luton to Istanbul, however the flights are less frequent.

Apart from the low cost carriers, Turkish Airlines have direct flights from London Heathrow to Istanbul Ataturk Airport. (1st airport) and from London Gatwick to both Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. There is also direct flight with British Airways from London Heathrow to Istanbul Ataturk Airport.
Turkish Airlines

Flights - From Birmingham and Manchester:

There is a direct flight option with Turkish Airlines to Istanbul Ataturk Airport. There are two flights per day from/to Manchester and one flight per day from/to Birmingham.
Turkish Airlines

Flights - From Switzerland:

There is only one direct flight option from Geneva with Turkish Airlines, flying to/from Istanbul Ataturk Airport three times per day. However, you can always make a “short” trip to Zurich / Basel to take a plane with Pegasus Airlines and / or Easy Jet. They may have better prices if you are late in booking. It is worthwhile to have a look at Lufthansa / Swiss Airlines, even though they are not direct, they have good deals with connections from Zurich / Munich / Frankfurt.

Staying in Turkey for a short Holiday?

BTW: Pegasus has domestic flights to many holiday destinations for anyone considering staying for vacation in Turkey. Please contact us if you want to have some recommendations, we will be happy to help you.

Airport Pickup:

Please let us know your travel arrangements so that we can try to arrange airport pickups for groups of friends and families.