Wedding List

Gift List

We don't have a gift list as we are already settled in Switzerland.

We recognise that many of you are travelling a long distance & having to make many arrangements to come to Istanbul to join us.
We are very grateful that you are making this effort to spend our special day with us & therefore we don't ask anything more from you.

However, if any of you still feel you would like to give us a gift, we would ask for a contribution towards the cost of our honeymoon.

Turkish Tradition

Some of you are probably wondering about the Turkish tradition surrounding wedding gift.
In Turkey, gold and jewelry are commonly given as wedding gifts. The gold is usually in the form of gold coins.
Coins vary in value according to size and are actually purchased as quarters, halves or wholes. They are generally placed in a small bag carried by the bride.
Small tags are often attached to the coins listing the names of the givers.
The coins are saved for a rainy day, or converted into cash to use to start their life together.

Buying Gold In Turkey

Turkey is a great place for anyone wanting to buy themselves Gold, Jewelery or other items.
There are lots of shops specialising in gold, especially in the Grand Bizarr.!
If you are considering buying something, we highly recommend talking to a local first.

And don't forget to negotiate..!