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Doubletree by Hilton Hotels in Moda

Doubletree by Hilton Moda
Caferaga Mh Albay F Sozdener Cd 31, Kadikoy, Istanbul 34710
Tel: +90-216-5424344
Doubletree by Hilton Istanbul Moda Website

Turkish Breakfast - Moda Teras

Moda Teras
Caferaga Mh., Moda Mektebi Sokak No:1, 34711 Istanbul, Türkiye
Tel: +90 216 338 7040

Wedding Reception - Hekimbasi

Hekimbasi Salih Efendi Yalisi
Körfez cd. no:53 Anadolu Hisari-Beykoz-Istanbul
Tel: 0216-462-2522
Email: info@yaliorganizasyon.com
Hekimbasi Salih Efendi Yalisi

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This map shows an overview of Istanbul including both airports, the recommend hotel & its proximity to the wedding reception & transport to the old city.

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